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How to pair your É
with your phone?

nescafe e pairing via connected mug app

Place your mug on the plugged in docking station.

Make sure the LED light is off.

nescafe e pairing via connected mug app

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth® & Location Services.

Install & open the NESCAFÉ É connected mug app.

nescafe e coffee maker pairing via app

Follow pairing instructions on the app.

Press the LED button for more than 3 seconds when prompted by the app.

Select Device

In case of a pairing error (no NESCAFÉ É devices found or unable to pair), press and hold LED button for > 10 seconds until it rapidly flashes blue. This will reactivate or deactivate the Bluetooth®.

Then restart the app and begin the pairing process.

How to USE your É?


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