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Can I adjust the Coffee pre-settings?

Temperature of beverage could be adjusted via É mobile App. The App will also guide you to step by step preparation based on recipe selected & coffee intensity desired.

Is it R&G coffee?
What are the NESCAFÉ coffees I can use with my system?
Is it different from capsule coffee?
If it's instant coffee, does it have lower quality compared to regular R&G coffee machine?
When preparing a cup of coffee, I was disappointed by the taste of coffee, can I get a refund?
Can I use my NESCAFE, even if it is close to the expiration date?
Why do I have to use only NESCAFÉ Red Mug or NESCAFÉ® Gold coffee? Can I use Milo / Nesquik powder?
How many calories and caffeine are there per cup?
Timing to use up a prepared coffee in E MUG
How can I make my coffee more creamy/milky ?
How can I make my coffee thinner?
When I make a Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino it is not hot enough - How can I increase the temperature of the coffee/milk?
When I make a Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino it is not hot enough - How can I increase the temperature of the coffee/milk?
It seems that the end cup coffee is not hot enough, what should be the temperature of the end cup?
What is the duration of the machine warranty? 
Does the machine come with International Warranty? I bought the overseas, can I get the machine serviced in India?
Is it possible to use the machine abroad?
Where does the machine come from/made? 
Where can I buy the machine?
Which water should I use to fill the water tank?
How much electricity does the machine use?
Can a user get a shock when touching the É MUG docking connectors?
If water drips onto the É MUG docking receptable will it cause a short circuit?
Will overflowing beverage from the É MUG body, going into the docking causing a safety issue?
If the É MUG connectors are slightly wet is there a safety issue if I place the mug on the docking?
The heating time of É Mug is longer than usual and I see steam coming from the lid, what should I do?
 I have a new machine, but there seems to be a plastic smell / taste in the coffee, what can I do?
How should I service and clean my machine? 
When is it mandatory to clean it? 
I cleaned the machine but can't put it back together
I am unable to pair my mug with the mobile app
It is more difficult to use than I thought, I would like to return it.
In case I would want to buy a spare part, whom should I contact?
Do I have to use only Nescafe classic or Nescafe gold with E device?
Is E device available in other colors?
Can I add Sugar/syrup in the device?
Can I get an extended warranty with the E device?
Why is the coffee not boiled in the device?
Can I purchase spare parts from nearby store?
Which spare parts may be replaced?
What is the range of other E-mug users displayed on the app 
Is physical damage covered under warranty?
Can consumer use dairy whitener instead of milk?
Will the service be available only in Delhi or NCR region as well? 

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